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Where Peace Grows
A Campaign for the Jerusalem International YMCA and Peniel-by-Galilee

Creating a stable financial foundation is imperative to ensuring that our mission can continue. While the addition of the Sports/Program Center has invigorated YMCA operations, there is still a need to:


  • Reimagine Peniel-by-Galilee after the devastating 2016 fire

  • Expand the hospitality of the Jerusalem International YMCA through renovation of meeting rooms and sleeping rooms.

  • Support programs that express the YMCA values of welcome and renewal in spirit, mind and body for all visitors and faith communities in the Holy Land. 


The Jerusalem International YMCA is preparing a campaign to address these critical needs. Early gifts inspire and energize staff and volunteers. Lead gifts set the pace for other donors. All the generosity poured into this campaign will allow peace to grow through the Jerusalem International YMCA for years to come. 

Will you join us?

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