Too frequently, in society, differences in faith, nationality, socio-economic background, language and location, strongly influence equal opportunity. At the Jerusalem International YMCA, in the heart of the city, we give all Jerusalemites a place to call home, regardless of where they’re coming from and what they believe in.  In the words of Lord Allenby when inaugurating our historic building in 1933:

“Here is a place whose atmosphere is peace, where political and religious jealousies can be forgotten, and international unity be fostered and developed."

The Jerusalem International YMCA provides high-quality programs in preschool education, extracurricular youth activities, cultural social events and world-class fitness facilities. We offer people from both East and West Jerusalem a safe space to enhance their spirit, mind and body in one of the most complex cities in the world. The Jerusalem International YMCA searches for opportunities to strengthen contributions and alignment to the YMCA mission and case for support. With the opening of The Sylvan Adams Sport Center, we now have the capacity to expand the involvement of children, youth and adults from all walks of life in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Today, at the Jerusalem International YMCA, we are getting the ball rolling for diversity and inclusivity!

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Childhood obesity in Israel has increased from 3% to 7% in boys and from 2% to 4.5% in girls since 1980. There is little difference in adult obesity between Jewish and Arab males (23% vs. 25%), but Arab females are significantly more likely to become obese than are Jewish females (31% vs. 52%).

Get the Ball Rolling by addressing childhood obesity in families from all parts of the city. At the YMCA Peace Preschool, children from all backgrounds regularly engage in active outdoor play and meal preparation. After school parent-teacher workshops reinforce child rearing skills and compassion.


Of Arabs living in Israel, 60% are proficient in Hebrew, but only 10% of Israeli Jews can speak Arabic fluently. Although teaching Arabic is a requirement in Jewish schools and Hebrew in Arab schools, these classes are often not at a high enough level or for a long enough duration to make the language instruction effective.

Get the Ball Rolling by creating communication across the city in teaching youth Arabic and Hebrew language skills. The YMCA Language School will offer Hebrew and Arabic classes along with fun hands-on joint activities, allowing the children to practice what they’ve learned.  

Loneliness in older adults often correlates with functional decline and increased risk of death (22.8% vs. 14.2% in those not reporting feelings of isolation). In Israel, a sense of loneliness has been reported in 60% of Arab society, relative to 34% in the Jewish population.

Get the Ball Rolling by providing activities intentionally designed for all older adults. From group exercise classes, such as Osteofit, Aquasize and Feldenkrais, to special events, such as the Chamber Music Festival and performances by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, the YMCA welcomes people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Approximately 59% of Israelis participate in physical activity, and of those 92% report that their main motive for working out is knowing that it is essential for general health. Only 37% of Arab towns in Israel have gyms, and only 43% of Arabs meet the exercise guidelines of the Health Ministry.

Get the Ball Rolling by enhancing the skills and education of both Hebrew- and Arabic-speaking fitness staff, all people in the city have the same access to health information, training methods and sports activities. The YMCA personal trainers, fitness instructors and swimming coaches lead the way for health and sports among all Jerusalemites.

Path for Peace Recognition Opportunities

Gifts of $500 - $1,499               10cm x 20cm plaque (maximum 15 words)
Gifts of $1,500 - $2,499            20cm x 30cm plaque (maximum 30 words)
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Larger gifts will be recognized on the pillars lining the Path for Peace.

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